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Book Update


Screen shot 2015-01-25 at 1.05.24 PM

It feels like we were working on this forever. In fact, it did take over a year, I’ll just blame it on being the first time either of us had attempted anything this big. But, I am proud to announce that we finished our final edits and sent everything off to our publisher.


I am elated. I am unable to sleep. I need to vomit.

I’m sure all of that will pass soon… I hope.

Please feel free to join our Facebook page for updates.

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Wonder Woman

Who Is Wonder Woman?

Who Is Wonder Woman? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’ve all seen attempts at Wonder Woman come and go. They ultimately never work, and today I started wondering if they ever will.

It all started when the casting choice of Wonder Woman was announced and some art released that looked a bit more like a sexed up Xena than Wonder Woman. Do I know the actresses acting abilities, not well, but I still immediately said “That is not Wonder Woman.” I started thinking about this and who thought would be a good Wonder Woman, and my first thoughts wound up pointing to MMA fighter Gina Carano. Obviously, I have zero pull over the situation, but I also saw that many people were feeling the same way over the casting choice. Then, a couple of weeks ago an image went viral of Ha’a Keaulana running underwater with a fifty pound boulder to train for surfing. I looked at the photo and said, “Now THAT is Wonder Woman.”

And then I figured it out… The reason the casting choices have never worked for me, were not because the woman wasn’t pretty. They have always picked pretty girls. But, that’s the thing… they all look like girls. When I was a kid, after every episode of Wonder Woman, I’d put on my rain boots and spin around the room to imagine myself becoming Wonder Woman. My HERO. As I saw her. Beautiful, yes… But she was also intelligent, and strong. She had a life outside of being an Amazon princess where she used her wits. I imagined her stronger than even Linda Carter portrayed her. I imagined her like this woman. She was who I imagined myself to be, who I aspired to be. And that is ultimately why Wonder Woman choices never work, they don’t work for women not because Wonder Woman needs to be Xena or some other Amazon… All of our inner little girls still aspire to be the hero we imagined…

Our inner little girls don’t want a girl that fights unconvincingly on screen. Our inner little girls want real strength, and confidence in that strength, the beauty in that strength. Wonder Woman has become so iconic for so many women, that we all have an idea in our head of who she should be. And ultimately, this very fact, may be why an on screen Wonder Woman may never work.

(And yes, I do realize the origins of Wonder Woman… and that it contained a lot of sexual references to bondage, etc. But, I think we can agree that the icon of Wonder Woman has grown past that.)

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“What would you do?”

When I was in college, my boyfriend asked me a question. “If you ever had a kid that turned out to be gay… what would you do?”

I had grown up in a strict, religious home that followed the “man shall not lie with man” teachings. For me though, homosexuals were always the “other” and I honestly never really thought about them as people, as horrible as that sounds. I was taught that it was an illness of sorts. So, when I began meeting fellow students at art college who were clearly stable, happy and not the evil pedophiles I had been told they were… my mind began to wonder and question, and even reread passages in the bible. In the end, they were still the “others” and their lives didn’t affect mine, so I just didn’t much care. And honestly, the transgendered never even crossed my mind. I never realized that people had varied gender identities… To my way of thinking, there were only gay people that dressed as the opposite sex.

Then came that question.

Suddenly, homosexuality (and later transgender) became more personal. In the form of a hypothetical child, I began to question everything. If my child came to me and told me that they were gay, they would still be the child that I raised and loved. They would not be any less of who they were as a person in the few minutes it took to tell me. They would still bear the same heart and the same core being. Why, or how, could I see them differently? It would just be a bit of new information about them that I may have not known. It wouldn’t change who they were any more than if they said they liked cats better than dogs. It’s a personal preference, not their entire being.

In a way, that was a mighty big crack in some beliefs I had been taught to hold.

This morning, I read a suicide note from a transgendered teen in Ohio. She died because she felt no one would ever accept her as a human being, for who she was. HER name was Leelah Alcorn. She knew who she was, and had known since she was four. I cried at the words in the note. And I know that there are some that back the parents… but I really cant. Making your child feel like less of a human being for what ever reason, is unacceptable.

“God doesn’t make mistakes.” is the battle cry against the transgendered. The argument that it is a choice, and not who they are, because of the genitals they have at birth. Science on gender identity is ignored, your genitals determine everything. Ultimately the child, and who they are, is ignored. The suicide reports on transgendered people is heartbreaking.

Parents, please look at your child and realize that who they are, is not who you are. Yes, teach them to be good people, honest people, hard working people. Teach them manners and values. But, ultimately when it comes to who they are as human beings, that isn’t really under your control. Examine how you feel about these things regarding your child, really examine. Ask yourself hard questions and ask if you are angry about something because of the well being of your child, or because you think it makes you look bad as a parent. Isn’t your child the same human being they were before they told you that they were in the wrong body? Is who you are, as a person, fully represented by the shell you reside? Before you subject your children to therapies that make them hate themselves, because they can’t change who they are inside… ask yourself if you can live with the guilt of their death. If you made your child hate everything about themselves, made them believe that god hated them… would it be that big of a leap of reason to realize that you made them feel that you hated them too? That the entire world hated them and there was no way out? Perhaps it would be by their hand, but did you hand them the blade?

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“Cowards” or “Marketing”

Honestly, if the now infamous before being seen movie “The Interview” were a project featuring ANYONE other than Seth Rogen and James Franco, I’m not sure this thought would have entered my head.

Everyone is talking about it. Everyone is sharing articles about the canceled release of “The Interview” on Christmas day. Everyone is angry and accusing of Sony of being cowards…. I’m waiting.

I’ve been in advertising and marketing for too long, perhaps, but the whole thing is fishy. Reports went wild that the massive hack at Sony was perpetrated by North Korea, but in a highly illuminating article on Wired, I’m not really sure about that. I don’t want to take to long rehashing what the article states, but I suggest reading it and making up your own mind. I’m not saying that the hack was a hoax… I think it was spun.

If, lets say, a movie were pulled due to fear of terrorist attack… upsetting everyone… Would more people be likely to see the movie when a “In Franco & Rogen We Trust!” campaign were launched shortly before Christmas announcing that the movie will in fact be released as planned? Everyone is talking about this movie… Even the President… and John McCain… EVERYONE is talking about it.

I could be wrong, but I think this is a ploy. I think someone took lemons and made lemonade.

Seriously… it’s Seth Rogen and James Franco… is it that much of a stretch?

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Anne Rice – Time-Lapse Pen & Ink Drawing


#INKtober #AllHallowsRead
Time-lapse pen and ink of Anne Rice. Created with Speedball Pens/Nibs and Winsor Newton Ink on Bristol
Music: St. James Infirmary – I’m actually not sure who does this particular version of the song, so, if anyone can shed some light on that, I’d be grateful. I’ve had the song in my library for years, someone sent it to me, and it is my favorite version… I just don’t know who it’s by.

Check out inktober information at:
(I have kids and a billion other things… so, I can’t do every day. I’ll be doing once a week, maybe more if time permits. )
I’ll also only be drawing my favorite spooky-type authors… Because this month is also All Hallows Read!
Give a book this Halloween! Maybe Anne Rice’s newest book Prince Lestat:

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Dear Couple, it’s Okay, judge away. No, really…

Dearest Couple walking the aisle at Target this morning,

I do actually realize that my hair is pink. One doesn’t have to snicker-snort in a childish, secretive manner while walking past me as if I am clueless to the fact. You have, in fact, only proven my point.

You see, dear couple at Target, by having the pink hair (or whatever my whim of the moment may be) and a big paint splashy tattoo, paired with my always chic Edgar Allan Poe accoutrements, I am letting what is inside me out to play. I don’t judge you, I used to be like you. I thought everyone should just blend in. Of course, I was extremely uncomfortable in my own skin… and suicidal. No, dear couple, I am not saying that you hate yourself as I did. I am merely explaining the journey I have taken to the path of pink hair. You see, with each tattoo or funny hair color, I became more comfortable with what I looked like. Odd, I know, but true. Most people assume it is for attention, I realize, but it really is for myself. So, when you snicker-snorted as you walked past, I only chuckled to myself. No, really, I did.

They say “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” but I have been doodling on my cover for years to let people know what is inside. It saves me time you see. When you laugh at how I look I know I will never talk to you or be your friend… I wouldn’t want to. I’m a goth-ish pixie unicorn person, whether I look like it or not, so I don’t think we’d get along regardless.

So, no, I’m not mad or bitter or going to get in your face and tell you not to judge me. Please do, it helps me weed people out rather quickly.

Love, The Pink Haired Girl that is still smiling.

Video Snapshot-3


Neil Gaiman- Time Lapse Pen & Ink

#INKtober #AllHallowsRead
I found my inks!!! (The old school dip kind.)
I was going to draw Neil Gaiman next week, I had planned on Anne Rice for today… but, I went and got my “Make Good Art” tattoo finally (hey, I got inked in inktober!), and got a little excited… So, there you go.

Check out inktober information at:
(I have kids and a billion other things… so, I can’t do every day. I’ll be doing once a week. )
I’ll also only be drawing my favorite spooky-type authors… Because this month is also All Hallows Read!
Give a book this Halloween! Maybe something like “The Graveyard Book” or “Ocean at the End of the Lane” or any book by Neil Gaiman:

Time-lapse pen and ink of Neil Gaiman.
Music: Paint it Black, performed by The Hampton String Quartet

Created with Pens and Winsor Newton Ink on Bristol